In a single word ... Safety!  

And most of us want to be safe on the roads. 

You are probably aware that distracted driving is becoming increasingly concerning. People do like to stay connected even while behind the wheel. Even if you're not texting or talking while driving, you may enjoy using your phone for other reasons such as playing music or navigating to your destination. Perhaps you are a driver for a ridesharing company such as Uber or Lyft and need to keep your eye on your phone much to make a go at things.  

In situations like these, and many more for other commercial drivers, is where a phone mount and holder comes in very handy. A- Tach mounts and holders are very affordable and, if you look at things honestly, are a small price to pay to keep you safer while on the road. An A-Tach phone mount and holder will securely position your phone in a safer location, allowing you to quickly glance on it when necessary, or change to the next track in your playlist without taking your eyes off the road. Keeping a safe environment in your car while driving is simply a good idea for everyone. 

Here are few other things to consider: 

Despite all of the infotainment systems being offered in cars today, there are still many drivers who have good reasons to use their phones as the primary source for navigation and entertainment while in their vehicles. Here are a few things to consider about having a phone mount in a vehicle. These considerations might not relate to all vehicle but they can relate to many vehicles.  

  •  A phone in a good location can effectively increase reception. A phone in a rear butt pocket or purse might not get as good of reception as a phone higher up, out in the open and more receptive to an easy connection with a phone tower. 
  • A smartphone in a good location can effectively add navigation and digital music to an older vehicle.
  • Using a phone can be more convenient than a factory in-vehicle system for navigation due to the phone displaying the latest maps and real-time traffic along with points of interest. 
  • Phones are also typically easier to use for searching for directions and the search can be done earlier while sitting on a sofa and stored for use while in the vehicle. 
  • When navigation can be an added cost, drivers may prefer to use their more familiar phone than a factory system. 

Again these might not all pertain to all vehicles but are some good reasons why people enjoy having a phone mount in their vehicle.  

We hope this insight is helpful.  

The A-Tach Team

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