A Little About Who We Are 

We are a Christian family based business that is owned by Steven Ebert, a Reagan era USA Army Veteran. Steven and his wife, Lori, work side by side within all areas of A-Tach Mounts. We hope our values will be reflected in our relations with our customers, fellow workers and business partners.

Why was A-Tach Mounts started?

Steven has always had an interest in the auto industry. From racing on the streets and drag strips in his early days to designing and selling aftermarket parts like customized mounts for radar detectors while in his college years. Steven's field of study is in business and marketing but his hands on experiences are found in machining, product design work and plastics fabrication. When a big company in the phone mount business interviewed Steven to come to work, it was a pretty easy job for Steven to fit into.  Steven has been designing device mounts for most every type of vehicle for many years now. Everything from semis to hospital carts, airplanes, police vehicles and most anything. Work for the big company went well yet it became increasingly disheartening for Steven to hear their overseas counterpart speak ill of Americans and American ingenuity especially when Steven knew many of their best selling products were designed by him ... an American Veteran who stands by his country. After many years of working to build a product line for another company who did not appear to appreciate Americans, Steven decided to start a company of his own where he could design and manufacture quality custom made phone mounts right here in the heart of America.   

Why is the business called A-Tach Mounts? 

Many people pronounce the name A-Tach like the word tachometer sounds. So they say A Tack Mounts. That is understandable but the word "A-Tach" is actually a play on words. Phonetically it sounds like the word attach. It is simply a different way to spell "attach". Like in ... Attach (A-Tach) it to your dash. So our mounts simply A-Tach (Attach) onto your dash. 

And Our Products

Our A-Tach vehicle mounts should attach well onto the vehicle the mount is designed for and, when the mounts are attached properly, there should be no damage to the vehicle's interior. Our mounts should be able to be attached onto a vehicle with no special tools and by most anyone who can read a simple one page instruction sheet that comes with the mount. If you order a device holder with the vehicle mount, the device holder should hold the device securely to the mount while in the vehicle. That is our goal with our A-Tach mounting solutions.

A-Tach mounting solutions are not pressure molded in a big factory overseas. Our vehicle mounts are specifically designed for a vehicle then hand milled and heat formed in a small town right here in the United States. We do our best to make a quality product to fit your needs and hope you will not only be satisfied with your purchase but will also be happy to recommend us to others. Referral business from our customers is our best advertising so we also try to go the extra mile to provide pleasant customer service and support interactions. Customer satisfaction and a good word of referral is very important to us.

Even while our goal is to have all satisfied customers, we also understand that we are all human and mistakes can happen. If you happen to receive a product that you are not satisfied with, please let us know and we will do all we can to make things right. We are a small and growing company that is striving to bring improvements to our products each and every day. Your voice helps and we appreciate hearing from you with comments and suggestions.

Thank you for considering A-Tach Mounts for your device mounting solutions.

The A-Tach Team


Be Safe! A-Tach it to your dash.

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