Domestic shipping is done through USPS. 

Processing time of orders is 1 - 2 business days.

Shipping Rates

The cost is based on the amount of the order.

$5000.00 +

Regarding Priority/Expedited Shipping

We only ship domestic orders with USPS first class service. Packages typically arrive at most all locations in the mainland 48 States in 3-4 days. Due to the USPS pick up time, an order placed will most often ship out the following day it was placed if the item is in stock. We make all of our mounts here, so it is rare that an item is not in stock.

We do not offer any type of priority shipping or use other carriers for domestic orders. There are a few reasons why we do not offer shipping options and once known, most customers understand why we do not offer it. Here are a couple reasons to share...

First, we are not located in a large metro area, so UPS and FedEx have limited access in our area. For us to offer expedited service we would need to physically take the package to a carrier’s location in a nearby city. Those locations are only open certain hours each day and they are not convenient hours so overnight delivery is not even an option. Also while we do ship orders quickly, once shipped we have no way of controlling when a package gets delivered but as the shipper, we are still responsible for the on-time delivery. If the package is not delivered on time or correctly, it is on us to refund the shipping cost of the package not being delivered on time or correctly. Being in a less populated area causes delays to happen far more than we and our customers like. When this happens, it does not reflect badly on the carrier companies, but it does reflect badly on us and that is not a good thing. We have found it is far better to only offer standard USPS shipping for domestic orders. This way customers understand that it will take a few days to receive their orders and are typically not let down or upset when their orders arrive in 3-4 days.  Overall, it produces a much better experience for us and our customers.  

We hope this information helps.

The A-Tach Team

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