Partner Invitation to Profit
With the A-Tach Safer Driving Promotion   

This is an invitation for you to profit by becoming a partner in promoting safer driving through the A-Tach Safer Driving Program.

What is the Safer Driving Promotion?

A-Tach Mounts is offering a 10% discount to all customers who want to create a safer driving experience in their vehicles. Participants simply enter a Promo Code at checkout at and receive a 10% discount on all products! It is that simple.

What is an A-Tach Partner?

A-Tach Partners receive a commission for promoting the Safer Driving Promotion. How much Commission do partners receive? A 20% commission is given based on the product sales the Partner’s Promotion Code generates.

This makes a Win / Win situation we all can enjoy!

How can an A-Tach Partner promote the Safer Driving Promotion?

An A-Tach Partner can promote the A-Tach Safer Driving Promotion in a variety of ways. The best way might be best determined by the type of activities a Partner is familiar with or already doing. Here are some examples:

  • Online influencers
Online influencers create content through videos and a variety of ways about the A-Tach products. Then the online influencer can place a provided link with their Promo Code embedded in the link to share with their followers. Their followers go to the link and make a purchase and the Partner gets a commission! 

  • Existing online businesses
An existing online business can place a link with their Promo Code embedded to share with their customers who visit their site. Their customers or visitors can go to the link and make a purchase and the Partner gets a commission! 

  • Existing brick-and-mortar businesses
An existing brick-and-mortar business can offer a card or coupon to customers with a web address to the A-Tach online store with a discount Promo Code. Their customers can go to the link and use the Promo Code to make a discounted purchase. The Partner gets a commission!  A-Tach also has a variety of counter stands a brick-and-mortar business can simply have set on a counter for customers to walk by to take a Promo Card. 

  • Parallel businesses in the industry
A parallel business in the industry could insert a card or coupon into the packages they already send out offering their customers a discount Promo Code for purchasing products at the A-Tach store. Their customers go to the link and use the Promo Code to make a purchase and the Partner gets a commission! 

What are the benefits for a Partner?
  • Yes – A 20% Commission on all product purchases.
  • No inventory needed.
  • No billing or collections from customers.
  • No time (or very little) to make a sale to earn commissions.
  • No questions to answer about the products.
  • No returns to handle if there ever is an issue.

What does A-Tach do to support their Partners?
  • Design, manufacture and distribute precision fit vehicle specific phone mounting solutions.
  • Provide a detailed online store to illustrate the products' features, benefits, and details.
  • Take care of all customers’ questions that might come up.
  • Provide a seamless online customer billing system.
  • Ship all orders to customers. (Often the same day orders are placed but all within three days.)
  • Drop ship orders to a different address when the customer desires.
  • Assist with installation questions that might come up.
  • Take care of all returns if ever needed.
  • Calculate sales and commissions for the Partners.
  • Pays commissions to the Partners monthly. 

Contact A-Tach mounts if you have any questions.

Here is a link to our Partner details page to get started. 

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